The Thémis data gathering portal is a joint initiative of the following organizations.


Probos is a not-for profit knowledge institute, committed to promote sustainable forest management. Probos collates and develops information and communicates it to foresters, policy makers and organizations in the forest and timber sector, in the Netherlands and worldwide.



ATIBT, the leading authority on tropical timber, represents forest operators and the industries, mainly based in Africa, suppliers of tropical wood products and all other actors in the sector committed to responsible forest management.


Fedustria represents companies in the Belgian textile, wood and furniture industry. The Timber Import Trade Group of Fedustria brings together timber importers and agents responsible for the worldwide purchase and import of primary or semi-finished timber products.

Le Commerce du Bois

Le Commerce du Bois (LCB) is an association representing French companies operating in the national and international trade of timber and its by-products, mainly in the construction and renovation sector.


The Dutch Trade Association for the Carpentry Industry (NBvT) is the trade association that represents the top segment of the Dutch carpentry industry. The NBvT represents the collective and individual interests of the approximately 200 members (about 75% of all carpentry companies) in a technical, legal and commercial sense.


Royal Netherlands Timber Trade Association (NTTA) is the umbrella organization of 210 wholesale companies in timber and panel products. In 2020, the member companies imported more than two million m³ of timber and board material.


The Danish Timber Trade Federation represents the interests of the leading timber importing companies in Denmark. The purpose of the federation is to undertake its members' collective interests, including joint action in negotiations with a.o. authorities and with foreign and domestic organizations.

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IDH brings together companies and governments to drive new sustainable production and trade models in emerging economies. IDH co-funded the development of this portal in the framework of its Tropical Timber program and the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC).


The KFW-funded Programme for the Promotion of Certified Exploitation in the Congo Basin (PPECF) of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC) aims to achieve at least 10 million hectares third party legality verified forests by 2023, of which a part is certified for sustainable forest management, on top of current FSC-SFM certificates. PPECF co-funded the development of this portal.


The European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC) is an alliance of industry, business, government and NGOs dedicated to increase the European demand for verified sustainable tropical timber in order to stimulate sustainable forest management in tropical countries.


Graphius is responsible for the user experience of this tool. With the end customer in mind, Graphius focusses on an optimized design and an interface that enables all users to interact with this survey and monitoring tool in the best way possible.


Ephex is our technical partner and specializes in creating advanced software for companies. They developed this tool to simplify data collection, perform statistics analysis and help organizations gain insights effortlessly.


The Dutch government is keen to promote sustainable forest management through sustainable procurement and therefore made a financial contribution to the further development of the tool.